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Patricia Rico 
Tours in Firenze

Tours in Firenze

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Patricia Rico is laureate in Tourism in 2001 at the University of Valencia, in Spain. His cousin visited Italy in 2000 and some simple studies of the Italian language made the decision to cause a change in his life and transferred to Firenze, the city in cui rose in 2002. A stabilization tour in Italian territory, he works in the tourist sector, dedicating himself to it. mainly all'ospitalità. In the early days, her curiosity and interest in interculturality led her to laureate for the second volta in 2009 at the Università degli Studi di Firenze, reinforcing her knowledge of the language. In 2010 he obtained the official title of tourist guide specializing in Firenze and dining, qualifying in Italian, Spanish and English. In 2013 it will be

I used to know him also in Portoghese. Maintaining the traiettoria che l'ha caratterizzata fin dall'inizio, Patricia accoglie gruppi familiari e privati, personalizzando gli itinerari in base alle esigenze dei partecipanti. He collaborates actively with gruppi scolastici di età diversa e gruppi di crociera.

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