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My name is Patricia Rico and I am an official tour guide of Florence and its surroundings. Deep knowledge in Florentine art and history is a fundamental learning path for scientific and humanistic subjects that spans to current days: brushstrokes of geometry and arithmetic flavored with architectural and sculptural calculations directly from the great Renaissance geniuses. Living Florence is a unique experience.

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My story

Patricia Rico graduated in Tourism in 2001 from the University of Valencia, Spain, where she is from. Her first visit to Italy in the year 2000 and some simple studies of the Italian language were decisive in turning her life around and moving to Florence, the city where she has been living since 2002.

Once installed in Italy, she worked in the tourism industry, collaborating with hotel companies.

Meanwhile, her curiosity and interest in interculturality lead her to graduate for second time in 2009 from the University of Florence, strengthening her language skills.

In 2010 she obtained the official title of specialized tour guide of Florence and its surroundings after passing the official exam organized by the Province of Firenze, in Italian, Spanish and English.

In 2013 she was enable to work in Portuguese too. 

From the beginning the main trajectory maintained by Patricia is to welcome families and private groups, customizing the itineraries according to the needs of the members. She also actively collaborates with school groups of different ages and with cruises lines.


If you are looking for new and exciting experiences, do not hesitate and contact me. Your demands will be transformed into an exceptional visit to Florence.

+39 3336827110

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